Sayali Gurav

Sayali's History

Sailee was born on 1st January, 1999 at 10.45 pm at Dungarya Hospital. She didn’t cry at birth and immediately got a seizure, so she was taken to a nearby hospital and kept in N.I.C.U. in the incubator. She didn’t cry even while she was in the incubator.  She was kept in the N.I.C.U. for 24 days. I was allowed to see my child after 7-8 days as we both were in different hospitals. Since she didn’t cry at birth, the doctors told us that her brain was damaged and she will have slow development.

Sailee was not moving at all and also the fact that her development will be slow scared us a lot. She couldn’t take feed by herself. So her doctor, Ashish Shah advised us to take her to Rukmani Hospital and start physiotherapy. When Sailee was 3 months old we used to take her to Rukmani Hospital for therapy. During this time she used to sleep most of the time at home. She used to stare in one direction and did not recognize any body.

After a year we did her C.T. Scan at Hinduja Hospital and took Sailee along with her reports to Dr. Anahita Hegde, but we couldn’t see any major changes.

Then we took her to Dr. Asha at Bombay Hospital and we started therapy under her guidance. Exercises like standing on the stand and tying her body, pelvis knees to the stand was done. Her vulnerable hip gave in to forceful standing and she cried and cried. We got x ray of the hips done and to our shock, she got subluxation of hip, is what radiologist told. Dr. Agarwal started homeopathic medicines for her since she could not hold her head.  As there was no neck control, continuously saliva used to come out from her mouth. After starting the homeopathic medicine her drooling reduced little bit.

Sailee’s eye balls were not stable. So we got her eyes checked from Dr. Karoba at Bombay Hospital who advised use of spectacles for her and we got it for her. She used to get scared and cry when there was a whistle from the pressure cooker. She also used to get scared when there was a loud sound. She looked very pretty when she was small.

When she was 3 years old she got admission at the Spastic society. She used to go at 8.30 a.m. and come back at 3 p.m.In the morningI used to drop herat the school, then again go with her food at lunch and then again to pick her back home at 3 p.m. In the school they had physiotherapy, speech therapy, in the school. In the first year she was made to sit in special chair and they tied splints on her hand and legs and used to teach A B C D poems.They used to hold her fingers and make her point the alphabets. In the first year itself she was the favorite among all students at school. In the second year, her teachers used to pamper her a lot and in this year she started going to school in by BEST bus. There was a caretaker in the school bus who used to pick her at 8a.m. from V.T. and drop her at 3 p.m.

When she was 6 years old, she started getting seizures due to which we had to admit her frequently at Hurkisandas Hospital. Due to these seizures, we stopped sending her to school. Once a week we used to take her to Bombay hospital for physiotherapy. Seizures used to come frequently and we took her to many doctors but there was no improvement. We used to get very disappointed.

When she got seizures she also used to get fever with it, due to which her hands and legs became very stiff. We were losing hopes since she was not getting proper treatment and showing no improvement, even after changing so many doctors and medicines.

Every year we celebrate her birthday. After her 8th birthday, she got a major epilepsy attack for which she was admitted at Bombay hospital and kept in I.C.U.  Doctors told us she was critical. We all got very scared. Then she started responding to medicine and showed good progress and after 3 days they brought her to the general ward. Around same time I was selected as a candidate for Shiv Sena’s Nagar Sevak elections. Due to all this we faced great difficulties in the 8th year of her life.

In December 2007, I met Sahil’s grandmother & she inquired that whether Sailee goes to school or not. As Sahil & Sailee were in the same school, I knew Sahil’s grandmother & mother. They told us to come and meet Dr. Rajul Vasa at Prempuri Ashram at Chowpatty and told us that Dr. Rajul teaches how to do therapy and that Sahil had shown lot of improvement with madam’s therapy.

Even though Sailee had been treated by so many doctors without much visible improvement, it had not demotivated me completely; I was still hopeful about finding some solution to my daughter’s problems.

Dr. Rajul Vasa had given us an appointment on 13 Jan 2008. We went there with all the medical reports. There were lots of patients at Prempuri. We went there at 10 a.m. and at 1 p.m. madam examined Sailee. Until then we were allowed to see how other parents were working on their children, what type of exercises were to be done.  These exercises were very different from the one she had been doing till date.  On her first visit, she was given two exercises and asked to do them at home 4 to 5 times in a day. Along with her it was an exercise for us also. We were asked to do the horse position & Cobra position.  Initially she used to cry a lot while doing exercises, but we still continued to do the therapy.

The next session for which we went was on 20th Jan 2008; Sailee got fever and swelling on her legs. This Sunday we were asked to do reverse table and cobra. We did these exercises 3 to 4 times a day.After a week the fourth exercise of going in cobra position and tickling on her back so that she would raise her head and look up was given. After that she was asked to sit cross leg and take weight on her palms. She used to cry a lot while exercising.

Then she got chicken pox & hence no therapy was done on her for a month. We continued that above exercise for four months; slowly changes were happening. Then in May 2008 we went to our village & continued the exercises there.When we came back on 8/6/08 no new exercises were given but that same was asked to continue throughout June.Then we started putting Sailee in sand in a gunny bag. To do this we required four people. It was very difficult to do this and so we did this only once or twice a week. She used to cry a lot. We used to put her in sand from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. First she used to look down, by putting her in the sand, she started looking up. While standing in sand, we had put a blackboard in front of her and used to teach her alphabets, flower, animals etc. initially we required four people but now we need only three.

On 24/7/2008 we got anhip X-ray done andmadam said that her hip bone had gone in and is now better placed. Now new exercises were given. One leg folded and other leg straight & to stretch. Due to these exercises, she showed good improvement.

On 15/3/2009, new ball exercises were given, & that time she got a fracture & had a plaster for 3 months. We used to make her stand in the sand even with the plaster on.After 3 months madam saw the X-ray & asked to remove the plaster. We used to keep sending Sailee’s pictures and CD to madam and in return madam would check the exercises being done and suggested the required corrections.

After starting with Dr. Vasa’s therapy, we saw amazing changes in our Sailee.  Her weight and height increasedwhich was not happening before.  Her legs became stronger and better.She started looking up and there was a good improvement in headneck control.She is looking very beautiful now.  After starting with Dr. Vasa she has got no seizuresand she is on no medicines.When we put her in sand, she tries to lift her neck & watch television.We used to grind food in mixer grinder and feed her until she was 10 years old; now she eats everything without grinding.  Now she is able to sit alone on her own.

We are thankful to Dr. Vasa for bringing so many changes in our daughter.  We could never imagine that she will be able to sit on her in her life.

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